The Ultimate Portable Golf Ball Cleaner

BallBrite golf ball cleaner is a clean, sanitary alternative to dirty ball washers and messy golf towels.

Are you tired of carrying a wet towel from tee to green to clean your golf balls? Tired of wiping your club head clean against your pants? BallBrite is the most unique personal golf ball cleaner which just works! It is easy to use and you can forget about the messy towels. This patented product [Patent no.: US 8,904,593 B2] cleans your golf balls whenever and wherever you need to. BallBrite is a technological breakthrough because of its smart three-layer construction and the unique materials it uses. BallBrite is a small accessory that does magic.

BallBrite - The Ultimate Portable Golf Ball Cleaner is our latest model of golf ball cleaners family. The whole body is shorter in length and has the widest neck for easy cleaning of golf balls (and some irons). This is the best and most unique golf ball cleaner available on the market today! Not convinced? Go ahead and read helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BallBrite - The Ultimate Portable Golf Ball Cleaner.

BallBrite is registered trademark of Macro Products, Inc.

BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner is simple to use, well-constructed, looks great and makes a great gift. If you are interested in personalization by adding your own logo to BallBrite, see our customization options great for: promotions, tournament good bags, corporate events, and more.

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