Why do you need BallBrite?

Clean your golf gears for maximum results

  • Clean golf balls and irons increase accuracy and eventually improve your score- because now your are sure your golf ball rolls straight and flies true.
  • BallBrite is more sanitary than any on-course cleaner, and much more effective than a towel. Towels get dried out, misplaced, lost and they are bulky to use.
  • BallBrite has large cleaning area and you will be surprised how good a cleaning job it can perform.
  • BallBrite is simple to use. Just add two tablespoons of water to the inside of BallBrite and massage into the lining evenly. DO NOT OVERWATER. If you do, just wring out the excess water.
  • Once wet, BallBrite’s interior stays moist for the whole round of your game, and it won’t leak; i.e. BallBrite’s Outside stays dry- and inside stays moist.
  • Insert your dirty ball or iron and rub it around- your golf ball or golf iron comes out clean and almost dry.
  • Clip BallBrite to your belt loop, waistband, golf bag or just keep in your pocket- ANYWHERE you like! IT’S ALWAYS WITH YOU and it will stay out of your way until you need it.
  • BallBrite is anti-microbial treated.
  • BallBrite is made out of durable neoprene and machine washable time after time!
  • Cleaning golf balls and irons is easy from now on- and clean balls and irons save strokes for your game.
  • Available colors: Black, Platinum, and Pink.
  • BallBrite is quality constructed with a great look. It is packaged to be a perfect point-of-sale item at any golf store.
  • BallBrite makes a wonderful gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays.
  • BallBrite can also be a great promotional item silk screened with your logo for any golf course, corporate event, or tournament.